Pizzeria i Feudi

This motto encapsulates the beliefs of Feudi, the new pizzeria in Mantova designed by Costa Group.

We begin from the client’s need to communicate the love and passion for pizza, replicating the theme through the customization of the furnishings and playing with  lights and reflections. Our client Martina Ruberti, creative director of “Feudi”, was personally involved in the design of the furniture. 

A successful collaboration.

Furniture is an expression that must represent 100% the client, and when we work together on projects, the final result is always tailor-made and successful. The interesting and Instagrammable walls reflects on the tables surface creating movement and contrasts, and their themed set-ups are spreading fast on social medias!

Martina gathers ideas and devotes herself with care and passion to the product, as well as the image of the pizzeria, enhancing the creation of Salvatore Vitello, the manager and creator of the dough. 

“Pizza is a feeling”

“We created this motto to communicate to the customer that pizza should no longer be seen as a simple “piece of bread”. Behind a seemingly poor product born from the union of water, flour and yeast, there are constant updates and a great passion, so that it turns into a real feeling for those who make it and those who eat it.” Says, Martina.

“In the location  we thought of reproducing the inscription “All you need is love”, which recalls the love for our work, the love for our homeland, the Amalfi Coast, and the love that we receive every day by our customers.”

Love for their job, love for the product, love for pizza, Costa Group wishes the best of luck to these young entrepreneurs who turn pizza into feelings every day.